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Monogram gobo lighting used alone or in conjunction with ambient uplighting is sure to make your event elegant and memorable. Placing your initials “up in lights” can set the ambiance of a true fairy-tale wedding.

Gobo Projection is a theatrical lighting instrument used to project your custom image, be it your initials, monogram or custom pattern onto a wall, floor or ceiling. A gobo projected on a dance floor creates a focal point which your guests naturally gravitate to, dance around, and offers unique photo opportunities. An image projected on a wall offers a timeless elegance. The gobo is created to be a crisp white color to project the sharpest image and blend neutrally with your color scheme.

Which projection is best – Dance Floor or Wall?

This really depends on the function hall layout and/or how the banquet manager arranges the room. The dance floor allows for a great first impression with guests since it is typically empty during the cocktail hour and dinner. When your guests enter the ball room/venue and see your names projected on the dance floor you will have created that atmosphere that compares to no other. They will immediately realize that your reception is going to be special and a reflection of you. This will also create an amazing backdrop effect for your first dance. The image size is dependent on the distance from projector to the wall; however, the size is usually 6 to 8 feet in diameter.