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Without all of the details regarding your event, it is difficult to give an exact price on our services. Pricing is determined by availability, season, and size of event. Contact us as soon as possible to make sure your date is available and we will provide you a quote for your wedding/event right away.

We don’t do cookie cutter type weddings receptions/events, each event we are a part of is treated as a custom job from the ground up for each client. After providing your vision of how you’d like the event to be, we can work with you to make it a reality.

There is only one ‘right’ way to do an event, and that is to provide the best possible talent, equipment, and service for each client. We won’t be half as good for 1/2 the cost or two times as good for twice the price, instead we’ll simply do our very best for every customer at a fair price.

Typical Price Range for most weddings and events we do is $1000 – $3000

Factors that are the determining factor for price:

– Event Length
– Number of Set Ups
– Number of elements requested
– Season

All Packages Include:

– Unlimited Consultations
– Email/Phone Contact Support
– Event Timeline Coordination
– Professional Sound System
– Wireless Microphone
– Customized Playlist
– Unlimited Requests
– Set up and Breakdown
– DJ dressed in appropriate attire