Uplights For Rent – How to bring out the color in your wedding!

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Wedding decoration is definitely one of the most important and sensitive areas that one has to think about the most while planning a wedding function. Every bride and groom dreams of having a wonderful and visually beautiful wedding ceremony. However dreaming alone wouldn’t really make a difference until one actually decides to take help of wedding experts that have plenty of knowledge about wedding decor just like we have at Your Dream Reception.

Uplights have all the potential to create a wonderful ambiance at your wedding venue and at Modern Wedding DJs; we always make it a habit to enhance the effect that these colorful up lights have. Up lighting when used along with a custom monogram gobo projection can change the whole look of your wedding. Both of these lighting elements illuminate the reception hall and boosts decor’s visibility to a considerable extent. These two instantly enhance appearance of curtains, draping and floral designs set across the reception hall. Moreover, carefully selected and designed lighting arrangements play a pivotal role in highlighting the attires worn by bride and groom.

An uplight is a colorful LED light fixture that points up a wall from an angled point of view. This allows the light to be projected and paint a wall with unlimited combinations of colors or patterns.

If you are interested in renting uplights for you wedding or event, contact Your Dream Reception today for more information.

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